The Avengers

A quirky spy show of the adventures of eccentrically suave British Agent John Steed and his predominately female partners.

Duration:60 min




Season 2 - The Avengers
29 Sep 1962
"One-Ten is convinced that the man is murdered while being interviewed on a live television show was the victim of a hired-killer called \"The Teddy Bear.\" He concocts a plot to trap him ..."
06 Oct 1962
"Steed and Cathy travel to Marseilles to pick up a flask of a secret new rocket fuel. When they arrive at the airport, they find the bottle gone and their contact dead. The pair battle foreign agents to regain the propellant."
13 Oct 1962
"The president of a Balkan Republic is menaced by a masked assassin. Although Steed is sent to augment the visiting dignitary's security detail, his bodyguards are murdered one by one."
20 Oct 1962
"The Home Office becomes concerned when gunrunning to Africa increases and the stockholders of a prominent British gun manufacturer are being murdered one by one. Cathy buys 20 percent of the company's stock to investigate their activities."
27 Oct 1962
"A microfilm of North American early warning plans has been stolen and is believed to be somewhere in the luggage of a fading film star. Steed and Dr. King are assigned to retrieve it during a trip across the Atlantic on an ocean liner."
03 Nov 1962
"Steed is ordered to infiltrate a gang of assassins. His appointment with their leader is in a small jazz club where Venus Smith is singing."
10 Nov 1962
"A stamp collector is murdered after he discovers an extremely rare penny stamp being offered for sale on the open market. Cathy takes a job in the stamp collectors store to gather more ..."
17 Nov 1962
"Steed investigates when the autopsy of a automobile accident victim reveals 50,000 pounds worth of diamonds in his stomach."
24 Nov 1962
"While guarding a United Nations negotiator after an assassination attempt, Steed and a colleague fall under suspicion for selling state secrets."
01 Dec 1962
"Steed and Cathy investigate the death of diamond importer's wife and its connection to smuggled diamonds that are flooding the market."
08 Dec 1962
"Steed and Cathy investigate security leaks at a secret Navy base which renders its missile defense system useless. The trail leads to a sweet shop and the local pub with a very special dartboard."
15 Dec 1962
"A powerful computer used to target incoming missiles continually breaks down. When one of scientists who developed the machine is found dead inside it, Steed and Cathy are asked to investigate."
22 Dec 1962
"The Home Office is mystified when a diplomatic courier dies defending a satchel full of mundane documents. Steed and Cathy follow a trail of clues from Jamaica to Chile to Argentina to solve the crime."
29 Dec 1962
"A British plane crashes under mysterious circumstances in Ireland. Steed's leads take him to the Shamrock airport and a convent, while Dr. King performs autopsies on the dead passengers hoping to find a clue pointing to the wreck's cause."
06 Jan 1963
"Cathy Gale impersonates a female assassin in order to get evidence needed to break up an international criminal syndicate. Before Cathy can complete her mission, the real murderess escapes from prison."
15 Feb 1991
"Cathy's friends claim to have invented an unbreakable ceramic. Sinister forces want the formula for uses that have nothing to do with cups and saucers."
20 Jan 1963
"Steed traces stolen classified documents to a nightclub where Venus Smith is working as a magician's assistant."
27 Jan 1963
"Steed is asked to guard a revolutionary new formula for fuel when its inventor is discovered in a coma. When he learns that the scientist was a member of a black magic cult, he and Cathy investigate."
03 Feb 1963
"A thief steals two gold-plated eggs from Dr. Ashe, not realizing they house a deadly virus. Even though the burglar becomes extremely ill, he refuses to reveal where he has hidden the eggs."
22 Feb 1991
"Steed investigates the alleged suicide of a college instructor and discovers that the weapon the man used to kill himself was a pistol with a silencer attached."
17 Feb 1963
"A famous astronomer predicts that the entry into the solar system of a small star will result in the destruction of the Earth. Steed and Cathy try to discover the connection, if any, ..."
26 Feb 1991
"Venus Smith's camera and film are stolen at a fair. When Venus develops the one roll remaining in her possession she discovers she has taken a photograph of a man thought to have committed suicide days earlier."
27 Feb 1991
"Steed survives an attempt by the Mafia to assassinate him for interfering with their drug traffic and tracks the would-be killers to a smaller provincial circus."
09 Mar 1963
"While on holiday in Greece, Steed becomes involved in the investigation of a deep sea diver's mysterious death."
16 Mar 1963
"Cathy's quiet weekend visiting with a friend is ruined by treachery, scheming and mysterious accidents."
23 Mar 1963
"Steed suspects that the gymnasium Cathy is using to train a prize-fighter is actually the front for a gang of ambergris smugglers."
Season 3 - The Avengers
28 Sep 1963
"The Avengers are tasked to investigate the Lakin brothers, two elderly lawyers with an amazing success record, having recently had an obvious traitor acquitted. In order to find out the ..."
05 Oct 1963
"A man whom Steed was to escort to New York disappears, before re-surfacing at the Adelphi Park Retirement Home. Then his neighbour turns up there. All the residents at the home are ..."
12 Oct 1963
"A young government official staying at a holiday camp is killed and replaced by an exact double, part of a plan to gain information. Two other doppelgangers are also part of the plot, being..."
19 Oct 1963
"The Nutshell is the name of a secure underground bunker, to be used by the government in the event of a nuclear war and Steed and Mrs. Gale are shown around it. When military secrets start ..."
26 Oct 1963
"Steed attends the funeral of his former batman Wrightson, who had become a draughtsman on a modest salary in civilian life. However, at the will reading everyone is shocked to learn that he..."
02 Nov 1963
"Michael Dyter, the newly elected M.P. for South East Anglia, is assassinated after he has threatened to expose a government plot concerning the theft of a nuclear warhead. Mrs. Gale ..."
09 Nov 1963
"J. P. Spagge is an international criminal mastermind and The Avengers have a plan to trap him. They pose as thieves out to steal three million pounds worth of gold from a holding vault, ..."
16 Nov 1963
"Steed is involved in the escort of a pair of corneas to be used in a graft to give sight to Martin Halvarsson, a millionaire who has been blind since the Second World War. A doctor who ..."
15 Mar 1991
"Steed discovers that somebody is flooding the market with cheap imitations of medical products being manufactured by the Willis-Sopwith Pharmaceutical Company. Furthermore, there is a plan ..."
30 Nov 1963
"When a spate of strange diseases breaks out on a global scale, the Avengers find out that grain being distributed by the United Food and Dressing Limited, has been deliberately tampered ..."
07 Dec 1963
"Leaving a Chinese restaurant Steed picks up the wrong coat and finds a cheque to the value of \u00a35,000 drawn to a bank in Hong Kong. It becomes evident that the restaurant is the front for an..."
14 Dec 1963
"Mrs. Gale is invited to spend a weekend at the stately home of Sir Cavalier Rasagne, an authority on medieval costume. However, when she arrives there is no sign of her host and before long..."
21 Dec 1963
"A Middle eastern emir, Abdulla Akaba, comes to London as he does every year for his health check up by specialist doctor Spender. Steed believes that the emir will be killed by poisoning ..."
28 Dec 1963
"All of the country's early warning systems bar one go off, mistakenly suggesting a nuclear attack. When land is about to be sold, adjacent to the one that was not sounded, interested buyers..."
04 Jan 1964
"Snowy, an albino elephant, is stolen from Noah's Ark, a specialist zoo run by Noah Marshall, specializing in distributing rare animals. Mrs. Gale's experience of living in Africa enables ..."
11 Jan 1964
"The late reverend Harbottle was not what he seemed, as the gun and the antique German doll containing a micro-film,found in his belongings testify. In fact he was a member of Bibliotek, ..."
18 Jan 1964
"When five British agents working on the Corinthia espionage line between Austria and Hungary disappear, Steed is sent to investigate. Sadly for him, the sole survivor, Hal Anderson, points ..."
25 Jan 1964
"Steed attends the funeral of a former colleague and not only suspects foul play but is struck by the fact that the tiny, isolated Cornish churchyard contains the corpses of several worthies..."
01 Feb 1964
"An agent is killed at a wine shop and Steed realises that one of two brothers ,Frederick Paignton, who work in the shop has been blackmailed by his boss into the murder. In the shop's ..."
08 Feb 1964
"Whilst protecting the race horse of a visiting dignitary in England for the current racing season Steed observes that George Meadows, owner of the livery stables, is behaving oddly. This ..."
15 Feb 1964
"Angered by a noisy motor bike gang who ride on their land, elderly sisters Cynthia and Ermyntrude Peck, who claim to be witches, cast a spell which causes all the motor-bikes to stall. Not ..."
22 Feb 1964
"Five years earlier the British Secret Service ordered Mark Charter to assassinate Sharp, a renegade British agent who defected to the enemy state of Abarain. But now the two countries are ..."
29 Feb 1964
"Agent Vinkel is the latest spy from 'the other side' to get polished off and, as ever, Steed is implicated but he persuades the opposition it would be best for the two camps to team up and ..."
07 Mar 1964
"Stefan Veliko, a young Russian pianist, is making his concert debut in London. However, he is being used as a pawn in a game to wreck Anglo-Soviet relationships. First a young woman is ..."
14 Mar 1964
"Young Highland Guardsman Corporal Craig is found shot, his corpse containing bullets from three separate guns. He has been shot by a firing squad, for treason, and when Steed re-enlists in ..."
21 Mar 1964
"In investigating the death of a colleague who has died in a fire Steed and Mrs. Gale find an ornately-carved chess piece in the dead man's possession. This leads them to an importation ..."
Season 6 - The Avengers
21 Feb 1968
"Paul Beresford, the brother of Clement Armstrong, the creator of the Cybernauts, blames Steed and Mrs. Peel for his brother's death at the cold hands of his own creations. Aided by ..."
31 Jan 1968
"Sir Andrew Boyd, the British delegate at a European peace conference has a dream in which he is run over and killed by a car. The dream comes true. The Avengers are charged with the safety ..."
28 Feb 1968
"The Avengers go to the dogs as their only lead when $50,000 of stolen diamonds is found in a dead man's stomach. Mismatched Borzoi hairs lead Steed and Emma to a pet cemetery where they take the bite out of the villain's bark."
13 Mar 1968
"The hunt for a murdered courier's despatch leads Steed and Emma to a deadly car race with a \"shocking\" surprise at the finish line. It takes The Avengers to flag down the murderers and apply the brakes to their plans."
24 Jan 1968
"Steed and Mrs. Peel stop a clever blackmailing scheme targeting millionaires."
17 Jan 1968
"A scientist is killed by having been hurled through and embedded in a wall. This is the latest death of a person engaged in the government's Project 90, whose documents can also not be ..."
07 Feb 1968
"When Mrs. Peel's friend Major Croft goes missing she traces him to the picture postcard village of Little Storping. Unfortunately the entire population are assassins for hire who lure their..."
10 Jan 1968
"A car carrying two Ministry officials, enroute to investigate the budget overruns on Professor Rushton's latest project, vanishes under escort. Steed goes to investigate, and discovers the ..."
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